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How To Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are very stylish footwear that many people daily use. There is a variety of shapes and designs of suede shoes, but this is not the most famous topic when it comes to them. It’s easy to choose the most comfortable suede shoes, but the hard thing comes when it’s time to clean them.

Suede shoes are made from velvet nap which is a very soft material but highly susceptible to stains from moisture, dirt, and oils. The material is vulnerable and easily damaged, particularly by excess moisture. The regular wear of suede shoes makes them exposed to dirt, scuffs, grime, rainwater, sand, and more particles that stay between the velvet naps.

That’s why the most important question when you buy suede shoes is how to clean them. In the following paragraphs, you will find 5 simple tricks that will help you to take care of your suede shoes.

How to clean suede shoes with household products

First and the most important thing before you start is to make sure that the suede shoes are dry. If they’re not better dry them or leave them to dry for a few hours. 

In the cases, you decide to dry the shoes on your own go to know that using a hairdryer or other heat source is not recommended. Leaving the shoes to dry in sunlight is also not the best decision. All these actions could damage the velvet nap and as a result, shoes would lose their shine. Instead of using heating sources, you can absorb the wet and the moisture with a towel or cloth and leave the shoes dry naturally.

There are some important “tools” that will help you in the cleaning process. Get them prepared before you start:

Suede brush

This is a special brush only used for cleaning suede shoes. You can buy it from any suede shoe shop. If you don’t have one, you can replace it with a simple toothbrush.

Suede rubber or clean block eraser

This is the best tool to get rid of scuff marks.

Microfiber cloth or towel

If you ask if you can use simple cloth the answer is no. It’s better to use a microfiber cloth or towel because they easily absorb liquids.

White vinegar

This is an acid that dissolves the foam and makes them easy to clean without leaving any residue.

Suede protector spray

You can find this spray in any shop where you buy suede shoes. Its role is to protect the velvet naps from waste.

How to clean suede shoes: steps

Here is a small guide on how to clean suede shoes. After you get them prepared and you have all the needed tools is time to start cleaning the suede shoes. Follow these steps for great results:

  • Brush away the dirt and particles by using a suede brush or a toothbrush. For small dirty stains brush in the same direction as the nap. If there are grime spots brush back and forth gently.
  • Remove scuffs and stains with suede rubber or clean block eraser. The velvet nap is very gentle, so you don’t have to use much strength to rub out. If there is a mark that can’t be removed better try another way.
  • For more stubborn spots you can use white vinegar. Dip a microfiber cloth in white vinegar and easily rub the stain. The color of the rubbed area might change only until the spot dries.
  • If you are satisfied with the cleaning process you should add protection spray. You can find a special suede stray that will cover the shoes.

This was a super simple guide that you can use to rub out small stains. There are also more stubborn spots that need special attention and actions to be removed.

How to clean mud off suede shoes

Sometimes we can’t escape from the mud and usually, this is happed on the days when we wear our new suede shoes. Don’t panic! There is a way to clean mud off suede shoes and bring them back to shine.

Before you start let the shoes dry well. After using a suede brush and with back and forward moves try to rub as much mud as you can. It might be an exhausting process so be patient. You can also use a steamer to blow the dirt from the surface of the shoe.

How to clean white suede shoes

White shoes are stylish but many people avoid them because they are hard to maintain. Well, you can use all the tricks we point out to take care of any type and color of suede shoes including white ones. The only thing you should keep in mind is to buy white color protection spray. This spray is waterproof and makes the suede shoes water and stain resistant.

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