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Office cleaning

Easy Cleaning London provides professional office cleaning services for all types of work spaces in London and the suburbs. All of our cleaning activities are accomplished with guaranteed quality, safety and always on time. We are always flexible about your tasks, as our service could be provided one or multiple times as is better for your schedule and pocket.

Office Cleaning London - Prices

Service Old price New Price
Fortnightly Office Cleaning(per hour) £22.00 £20.00
Weekly Office Cleaning(per hour) £20.00 £18.00
Minimum requirement of 4 hours per session for Office Cleaning.

Reliable Office Cleaning Service

Our daily office cleaning routine is carried always in strict and comfortable schedule. The customers of cleaning company in London never have to worry about the lack of cleaning personal and delaying, because we keep a great amount of qualified replacements. Our experts in cleaning are using safe and reliable products, so you will get spotless office without any discomfort or harm to your health.

In addition, after our treatment all the surfaces in the office are left with better protection and a special coating that prevents them from the dust. After huge presentations or any kind of mass gathering in the office, Easy Cleaning London will provide the necessary number of specialists to quickly restore the order and the hygiene. If you need office cleaning early on the morning or at night in London, check out our prices and terms. Easy Cleaning London uses last generation professional cleaning equipment created by the world top manufacturers, so we can always ensure the highest quality cleaning.

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Why is professional office cleaning necessary

Offices are a place of business and business is all about efficiency, productivity and looking good for a potential partner or a customer. Regardless if you have visiting hours, or the office is employees only, having a clean, hygienic environment will affect many aspects of the day-to-day life of your team.

One of the benefits of office cleaning is a healthier environment which will reduce the chances of employees taking sick leave. Reducing the discomfort of a dirty environment will also improve the productivity since the psychological connection of cleanliness and harmony, actively affect the creativity and problem solving abilities of humans.

Cleaning high foot traffic areas

Offices are notorious for the dirt on their carpets, which is quite understandable, considering that it has constant foot traffic from the outside-in. People track dirt with their shoes, which then affects the condition of the carpets, requiring more frequent cleaning, reducing its condition, and ultimately requiring for the carpet to be replaced with a brand new one.

The way we clean high foot traffic areas is that we use hot water extraction as our main source of dirt removal. However, it’s important to agitate the most affected areas beforehand, loosening any debris with a preliminary vacuum and brushing method.

This allows for a lot deeper and more thorough high velocity cleaning job which fully extracts all dust, dirt and grime, including food, coffee, wine and oil-based stains. Cleaning a carpet in this method is safer both for the environment and the carpet itself, while also leaving a spotless, grime and dirt free surface.

Accommodating your schedule

We do realize that office work can be quite stressful, which is why we have a flexible schedule, allowing you to continue working, without having our team interrupt your work-flow. We have late night and early morning teams, and depending on your business hours, we can accommodate your particular needs.

We also work weekends and bank holidays, so even if it’s Boxing Day, we’ll be able to help you and provide the best disinfection and cleansing service. You can schedule a one-off cleaning or you can opt for our regular service, either way, you’ll be getting a full cleaning job, with a high quality guarantee – if you are not satisfied, we clean again – for free.

After each session, we will do an inspection to see if everything is in order and to see if you are satisfied with the service. While we do work hard, we accept suggestions on how we can make our service even better.

Cleaning office chairs made out of synthetic materials and padding requires heat and steam. The increased heat breaks down any bacteria in the chair’s padding. In order to fully deal with any staining or accumulated grime, heat treatments are infused with detergents which are designed specifically for office furniture. After steam has been used on any sort of chair padding, our experts use high powered vacuum to extract any moisture and grime. Depending on the type of chair and the materials it’s made out of, we can use additional cleaning supplies to accommodate natural or faux-leather.

The rates of commercial cleaning are determined on the frequency of the service. A weekly cleaning costs £14.00 while a fortnightly cleaning costs £15.00. The benefits of more frequent cleaning commercial cleaning services are that it takes less time each week, while keeping the office in tip-top shape. This approach is recommended for public and office spaces with high amounts of foot traffic and large pool of personnel. It will promote better health and keep the office in pristine condition for a long period of time with minimal effort.

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Easy Cleaning London will add a new meaning to the word "clean". We are going to deliver you more than just a service, but also peace, order and harmony. We cover all East and North London areas.

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