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Domestic Cleaning London

Domestic cleaning

Easy Cleaning London provides high quality frequent cleaning for apartments, houses, offices and premises in London and the area. We keep our services on an affordable level and as in the same time keep our professionalism for more than 10 years up to now. Have in mind that medium and large sized workplaces always require frequent cleaning. We work with organizations and individuals in all the London area.

Domestic Cleaning London - Prices

Service Old price New Price
Fortnightly(per hour) £20.00 £18.00
Weekly(per hour) £18.00 £16.00
Minimum requirement of 3 hours per session for Regular Domestic Cleaning.

Regular Home Cleaning Service

Maintaining the hygiene of your home or office includes:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of the floor
  • Dust removal of the floors
  • Dusting all types of horizontal surfaces
  • Washing the mirrors, doors, window frames and others
  • Sanitizing sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Taking off the garbage and cleaning all the bins

Time is huge deficit in these modern times, so for the owners or tenants of houses and offices is often impossible to maintain their spots clean. Our company will help you with your home cleaning requirements.

We can also help you with washing the windows, cleaning soft leather furniture and often cleaning of carpets and floor coverings. In our work we use professional equipment and best class materials. Our staff will be constantly in touch with you.

Call and book our regular domestic cleaning service. Call Easy Cleaning London now!

How is Domestic Cleaning different

This service is all about improving the home environment with natural, eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions, without leaving a trace, expect for a superbly clean carpet, sofa, kitchen bathroom or any other room for that matter. The reason this service is called domestic cleaning is because it’s aimed towards providing a service without disrupting home life.

In order to fully clean your home, which may include oven cleaning, we provide a flexible schedule within which you can fit your personal needs and own schedule. Some of our clients know us well enough to provide a key, so we can clean when they are absent, and we do provide a key pickup and delivery service along with the domestic cleansing solutions.

What is included in the service

In order to achieve the best results, and to avoid leaving important parts of your home unclean, we have the capacity to treat every surface of your property. This may include oven cleaning, window washing, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, builders cleaning and all regular cleaning services.

Domestic cleaning is a subscription based service, which you can schedule and change as much as you like. You can pick and choose which room needs to be cleaned which day, if the carpets are dirty and need a scrub, or maybe the curtains and blinds in your child’s bedroom are filthy and they need a refreshing treatment – you decide and mold the service according to you needs.

In order to accommodate all of your needs, we will send a team of specialists out to you and you can pick and decide who is doing a good job and you’d like to continue working with them. While all of our specialists have professional training and are certified, some specialize in certain areas more than others.

How can we guarantee the desired results

We have 3 step check lists which all cleaners follow, aside from the extensive training we provide to all who proudly wear the cleaning company logo. In addition, we also provide the chance for customer feedback so we can further develop and improve our service in a way that is both professional and suitable to your needs.

Our extensive training courses we provide to all new employees, are designed to provide them an in-depth understanding of how to approach a problem correctly. There are also chemistry and practical courses which are also included, those increase the knowledge and problem solving skills, allowing our cleaners to fully remove even the toughest of stains.

Domestic cleaning is a service specializing in the cleaning of domestic properties of any kind. It includes the cleaning of carpets, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, curtains, mattresses and upholstery. Regular cleaning provides an important service to families and homes with high amounts of grime and dirt accumulation. The service is most often booked to assist in the care of senior citizens and families with busy schedules. It promotes better health and generally keeps the home clean for a longer period of time – especially suitable for after party cleaning.

A domestic cleaner will clean any room and any surface of the house that the client has specified. Regular domestic cleaning generally works on a weekly or fortnightly schedule, meaning that each every other week one of our experts will come and clean your home for you. Clients can specify what needs to be cleaned with each visit, or they can take advantage of a more normalized cleaning pattern around the property. Our cleaners are instructed to deal with carpets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, curtains, windows and remove dust for furniture. There are deep cleaning options, however, they are done on a job-by-job basis.

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Easy Cleaning London will add a new meaning to the word "clean". We are going to deliver you more than just a service, but also peace, order and harmony. We cover all East and North London areas.

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