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Mattress Cleaning London

Mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning in London is one of the most popular services provided by Easy Cleaning London. This is specific and hard task that should be done with professional equipment, not with ineffective domestic or homemade materials. On the mattress you are spending serious part of your life, so maintaining it properly is directly related to your health. It is not a secret that with the time your bed gathers great amount of dust and dirt. While it gets older, always becomes hard to keep it from the surrounding dust, liquids or pets, so what your mattress needs is a frequent cleaning at least once a year.

Professional Mattress Cleaners

The proper cleaning of the mattress includes the following steps:

  1. Dust extraction
  2. Taking off the stains carefully and with safe materials
  3. Safe cleaning in the depth of the mattress
  4. Remove dirt with professional equipment
  5. Surface treatment with steam

Our great experience is the best guarantee for successful renovation of your mattress. By ordering this service, you can preserve your health and the health of your surroundings.

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What issues does mattress cleaning solve?

If you want to know how clean your mattress is, you can remove the protective cover and take a quick sample with a cotton swab. Place it in a glass and see what floats away from it – this will show if you have any living dust mites or you’re one of the lucky ones.

One of the main problems with a dirty mattress is that it will collect more and more, because dirt begets dirt and an unclean mattress attracts dust mites. Dust mites, unlike other creatures, are not directly attracted to you, but rather to the dead skin cells which everyone sheds.

Professional memory foam mattress cleaning deals with all allergens, living and dust-like. The goal of this service is to extract any sort of grime which could be hidden in the fibers of the mattress.

This is done by using a steamer and a vacuum cleaner which extracts all that is left after the steamer. The goal of the steaming process is to disinfect the surface and everything that is underneath it without using any sort of chemicals which can both affect you badly, and damage the mattress itself.

The disinfection process may take a while, which really depends on the size of the mattress, if it has two usable faces, it’s condition and whether or not there are any stains on it. Memory foam mattresses are particularly difficult to clean since the function of the mattress is to mold to a person’s body, using body heat.

This is why our technicians also use hydrogen peroxide as a method of disinfection and bacteria removal. This method is absolutely safe for any types of mattress and it will not leave any marks or discolorations.

What are the health benefits of mattress cleaning

As we sleep, we not only sweat, but we also leave behind quite a lot of natural body oils and dead skin cells. Through the process of digestion, a lot of the bacteria release gasses which have an unpleasant odour which is not only discomforting, but also sleep disrupting.

The digestion process may also release dangerous chemicals which can damage the mattress itself. And while this will take a significant amount of time, it can adversely affect the quality of your sleep.

This specialized service does not use any harsh chemicals, no synthetic or oil based substances and provides a clear, clean result for any sort of mattress. Regardless if you sleep in a king or queen sized bed, if you’re in London or anywhere else, Easy Cleaning London has you covered.

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