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Dulwich Carpet Cleaning Services

We at Easy Cleaning know that home cleaning is too time-consuming for most people nowadays with the busy lifestyles most of them are leading. That is why we are here to offer our helping hand to anybody who needs professional Dulwich cleaning services with perfect results.

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We strive to provide first-class quality but always make sure that the prices are affordable for each one of our clients. Our cleaners Dulwich are trained and experienced professionals and know how to do cleaning the right way.

Our team will take care of your carpets, upholstery, and all other parts of your home.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dulwich

With regular washing, your carpet will not only be looking neat all the time, but it will also last longer if the proper cleaning products and methods are used. That is why our cleaners in London, Dulwich are trained on how to properly wash carpets with a hot water extraction method.

They always choose the cleaning solutions based on the type of material your carpets are made of. The cleaning products we use are of topmost quality and they are also harmless, although very effective.

Your carpet holds a lot more contaminators than you probably imagine, and most of them can’t be seen with the naked eye. Some people vacuum their carpets only when they start looking dirty on the surface, and who can blame them?

The bad news about that is the fact, that not cleaning these invisible pollutants could harm your health, and cause breathing problems and allergies. Regular vacuuming is not enough to get rid of harmful microorganisms and dust particles, which is why many people are looking for carpet cleaners East Dulwich.

With the atmosphere in your home will be clean and healthy at all times.

Carpet cleaning - Prices
Service Old price New Price
Study/Box Room (7×6 feet) £40.00 £20.00
Single Bedroom (8×8 feet) £46.00 £23.00
Double Bedroom (12×12 feet) £56.00 £28.00
Master Bedroom (14×12 feet) £70.00 £35.00
Dining Room (12×12 feet) £56.00 £28.00
Lounge (15×12 feet) £70.00 £35.00
Through Lounge(24×12 feet) £96.00 £48.00
Landing Regular (up to 3sq.m) £16.00 £8.00
Landing Large (up to 5sq.m) £24.00 £12.00
Hallway Regular (8x4 feet) £36.00 £18.00
Hallway Large (10x4 feet) £50.00 £25.00
Bathroom £20.00 £10.00
Steps (per step) £4.00 £2.50
Rugs (small size up to 5 square meters) £30.00 £15.00
Rugs (large size above 5 square meters) £56.00 £28.00
Commercial Carpet Cleaning (per sq meter) £5.00 £2.50
Scotchgard Protection Single Bedroom(8×8 feet) £16.00 £8.00
Scotchgard Protection Double Bedroom(12×12 feet) £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection Lounge(15×12 feet) £30.00 £15.00
Scotchgard Protection Through Lounge(24×12 feet) £40.00 £20.00
Scotchgard Protection Rugs (small size up to 5 square meters) £12.00 £6.00
Scotchgard Protection Rugs (large size above 5 square meters) £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection for Commercial Areas (per sq meter) £2.00 £1.00

*Note: We are currently offering 50% Off for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. * All Cleaning Materials and Equipment are included in the price. Minimum charge of £60 applies for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).
No Hidden Charges.
*Stain removal with professional detergents is included in the price.

No extra charge for postcodes outside of M25.

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cleaned blue carpet 3
blue carpet cleaning
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bedroom carpet cleaning
dirty stairs at home
Upholstery Cleaning - Prices
Service Old price New Price
Footstool £36.00 £18.00
Armchair £60.00 £30.00
Two Seater Sofa £100.00 £50.00
Three Seater Sofa £130.00 £65.00
L - Shaped 4 Seater Sofa £190.00 £95.00
Mattress Single £44.00 £22.00
Mattress Double £72.00 £36.00
Mattress King Size £90.00 £45.00
Office Chair £16.00 £8.00
Dining Chair Seat £12.00 £6.00
Dining Chair Seat & Back £24.00 £12.00
Short Pair of Curtains (up to 1.50 meters high and 4.00 wide) £56.00 £28.00
Long Pair of Curtains (up to 2.50 meter high and 4.00 meter wide) £70.00 £35.00
Scotchgard Protection Footstool £15.00 £7.50
Scotchgard Protection Armchair £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection Two Seater Sofa £40.00 £20.00
Scotchgard Protection Three Seater Sofa £50.00 £25.00
Scotchgard Protection Four Five Seater Sofa £60.00 £30.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (2 seats) £120.00 £60.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (5 seats) £180.00 £90.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (7 seats) £240.00 £120.00

*Note: We are currently offering 50% Off for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. * All Cleaning Materials and Equipment are included in the price. Minimum charge of £60 applies for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).
No Hidden Charges.
*Stain removal with professional detergents is included in the price.

No extra charge for postcodes outside of M25.

Upholstery cleaning gallery
couch cleaning 2
blue couch cleaning 2
dirty couch
partially cleaned couch
partially cleaned couch 3
couch cleaning 4

Upholstery Cleaning

Our east Dulwich cleaners will polish up your upholstery and refurbish its original shiny appearance to keep the touch of luxury in your interior.  

Upholstery should be cleaned with greater care since usually, the types of fabric are more sensitive to cleaning solutions and pressure. That is why our professionals are specifically trained on how to handle such types of textiles and what cleaning products to choose according to each type of material.

We can effectively clean suede, leather, silk, and any other type of natural or synthetic fabric. We also make sure that we add a layer of protection that makes the material more resistant to dirt, as well as tear and wear, which prolongs its life.

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Other Cleaning Services in Dulwich

Our team offers a full variety of professional cleaning Dulwich services tailored to meet the needs of each one of our clients. We are proud to say that we have satisfied countless customers over the years, which proves to us that our efforts are succeeding.

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for homes and offices on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or we offer one-off cleaning if you want to tidy up once and for all. The session can include a variety of cleaning services, which you can choose between, such as window cleaning, patio washing, and many other services that cover all areas of your home.

In case you are a landlord you will probably be interested in end of tenancy cleaning services. Proper hygiene is essential if you want to impress potential tenants, which is why we guarantee spotless results.

If you are looking for a cleaner East Dulwich who will do the job flawlessly at a reasonable price, then contact us at

How much does carpet cleaning cost in Dulwich?

Depending on the circumstances in each different home, the prices for carpet cleaning can vary greatly.

Important information that has a role in how the price is formed includes how many floors there are in your flat, the surface area, and the types of carpets and rugs that need to be cleaned. You can also choose some additional services that will influence the price, but they will be quite worthwhile when you look at the results.

To get a final price estimation, contact us at to receive a free quote.

How often should you clean your carpets and rugs?

For a healthy atmosphere at home, regular vacuuming is essential, but it is not enough to prevent harmful bacteria and dust from piling up within the fibres of the material. This is something that could only be managed by using a more intensive method of washing in order to get to the inside of the textile.

There are many methods of washing, used by professionals, that don’t require you to take the carpet outside of your home. To maintain a healthy home environment, washing your carpet thoroughly about twice a year should be enough unless you have pets, in which case it should happen 3 or 4 times a year.  


I was up to change the carpets in my living room and hallway area when a friend recommended your services and decided to give it a try. For my surprise after the carpet cleaning service carpets looked fantastic. Great job. We were laughing with my husband we were not aware of the actual colour of the carpets of the house we bought till the service took place. Not only this- the technician gave us useful advices how to keep carpets in better conditions for longer after the use of Scotchguard. I am recommending you to all my family and friends since you visited our house.

Sandra Key

Very pleased with the service provided. Just after the holiday our house look so refreshed and clean. It has never been so nice to be back and see how carpets look immaculate and all spots gone. Thank you!

Joan Phillips

We are a family with 3 children. That means lots of stains on carpets and walls. Thank you for at least solving the carpet issue. Now carpets look fantastic. The guy showed me the dirty water and it was disgusting. Cannot believe we have been living in this dirty environment. We are planning to have the carpets done every 3 months now, for the sake of the air kids are breathing. Cannot express my feelings really. Great job.

Emily Cooper
special offer discount 10%
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Easy Cleaning London will add a new meaning to the word "clean". We are going to deliver you more than just a service, but also peace, order and harmony. We cover all East and North London areas.

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