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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning in LondonRug cleaning is a specific type of cleaning service which specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of all rug types. Rugs are different from carpets in that they have a smaller footprint on the floor and can be more easily manipulated and moved around.

This not only makes them a fantastic home fixture or designer choice, but also a lot easier to clean when they eventually get stained. Here’s more on the topic from our vault of information that is the team. This is one of the best cleaning company in London.

How is Rug Cleaning any Different from other Services

The most major way in which area rug cleaning is different from other services is that it deals with a wider range of fabric types. While most widely used carpets are made from a 60% - 30% blend of synthetic and natural materials, rugs can be comprised of absolutely 100% pure natural fibers.

This makes them a challenge to clean safely and properly, especially if they have been stained by hard to remove substances such as wine, blood, pet urine or greasy food substances.

In order to achieve the best and safest results possible, professionals need to first and foremost identify the fiber material of the rug. The easiest to handle are synthetic rugs since they can handle moisture and heat pretty well.

However, natural fibered rugs are harder to care for since natural fibers tend to stretch or shrink depending on the cleaning method.

High heat and moisture is not a great way of preserving an antique rug from Persia or Scotland, so alternative methods must be used to reach the desired results.

What is the Best Rug Cleaning Service Near Me

The best rug cleaning service near you is the one that has a certificate for the use of dry cleaning solutions. Most often natural rugs will be cleaned with all natural, dry cleaning substances which are rated for that particular fiber type.

The more capricious the fiber type is, the more specialized the cleaning supplies and methods need to be. This means that the best rug cleaning services near you are the ones which can provide that specialized treatment.

The good thing is that we are such a service and we probably have a local team working in your area. If you want to check for our specific coverage, you can go to our “Areas we Cover” page and check and see if you work near you.

What are the Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

As we briefly mentioned above, rugs are more varied in their composition which means that they require a specialized treatment based on their composition. Other pronounced benefits of the service are:

  • Preserved colours and fiber density;
  • No damage to pigmentation;
  • Full stain and grime removal;
  • Full odour removal;
  • Added coverage of Schotcgard to protect the fibers.

The best way of learning more about the service is either from firsthand experience (booking us), or giving us a call so you can have your specific queries and questions answered by a trained professional.

Reach us either by calling us, leaving a message down bellow, or by contact us by email – either way we are here for you.

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