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Woodford Carpet Cleaning Services

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We are happy to introduce you to our cleaning company - We provide top-quality cleaning services for homes and offices in Woodford and other districts of London. The team of Easy Cleaning London includes high-experienced experts that use professional equipment and cleaning products to perform the best cleaning services.

The services we are proud of the most are carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Keeping these surfaces clean will improve the air quality in your home. If you need carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning get a free quote from us.

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Our experts provide top-quality carpet cleaning in Woodford

The mission of is to provide the best carpet cleaning service in the area of Woodford. You might ask how we achieve our mission. Of course, with the help of cleaning experts who are responsible for performing to-quality carpet cleaning methods.

The practice they use includes inspecting the carpet before they start applying products and cleaning methods. This is an important step because choosing the most appropriate cleaning method and products depends on the level of fibers of the carpet and its type.

The service our cleaning company provides is not only effective but also affordable and eco-friendly. We trust environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques when we apply the cleaning methods we use. This is how we create safety for your family and pets, and we also work efficiently to minimize our impact on the environment.

We believe a clean home is a happy home. Our purpose is to make all homes in Woodford clean and happy. We want to help our customers to create an organized and healthy home. Regular carpet cleaning is one of the services we offer to achieve our mission and purpose.

Carpet cleaning - Prices
Service Old price New Price
Study/Box Room (7×6 feet) £40.00 £20.00
Single Bedroom (8×8 feet) £46.00 £23.00
Double Bedroom (12×12 feet) £56.00 £28.00
Master Bedroom (14×12 feet) £70.00 £35.00
Dining Room (12×12 feet) £56.00 £28.00
Lounge (15×12 feet) £70.00 £35.00
Through Lounge(24×12 feet) £96.00 £48.00
Landing Regular (up to 3sq.m) £16.00 £8.00
Landing Large (up to 5sq.m) £24.00 £12.00
Hallway Regular (8x4 feet) £36.00 £18.00
Hallway Large (10x4 feet) £50.00 £25.00
Bathroom £20.00 £10.00
Steps (per step) £4.00 £2.50
Rugs (small size up to 5 square meters) £30.00 £15.00
Rugs (large size above 5 square meters) £56.00 £28.00
Commercial Carpet Cleaning (per sq meter) £5.00 £2.50
Scotchgard Protection Single Bedroom(8×8 feet) £16.00 £8.00
Scotchgard Protection Double Bedroom(12×12 feet) £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection Lounge(15×12 feet) £30.00 £15.00
Scotchgard Protection Through Lounge(24×12 feet) £40.00 £20.00
Scotchgard Protection Rugs (small size up to 5 square meters) £12.00 £6.00
Scotchgard Protection Rugs (large size above 5 square meters) £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection for Commercial Areas (per sq meter) £2.00 £1.00

*Note: We are currently offering 50% Off for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. * All Cleaning Materials and Equipment are included in the price. Minimum charge of £60 applies for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).
No Hidden Charges.
*Stain removal with professional detergents is included in the price.

No extra charge for postcodes outside of M25.

Carpet cleaning gallery
dirty carpet cleaning 2
dirty carpet cleaning
stairs carpet cleaning
cleaned blue carpet 1
vacuum cleaner 1
dirty carpet cleaning 3
Upholstery Cleaning - Prices
Service Old price New Price
Footstool £36.00 £18.00
Armchair £60.00 £30.00
Two Seater Sofa £100.00 £50.00
Three Seater Sofa £130.00 £65.00
L - Shaped 4 Seater Sofa £190.00 £95.00
Mattress Single £44.00 £22.00
Mattress Double £72.00 £36.00
Mattress King Size £90.00 £45.00
Office Chair £16.00 £8.00
Dining Chair Seat £12.00 £6.00
Dining Chair Seat & Back £24.00 £12.00
Short Pair of Curtains (up to 1.50 meters high and 4.00 wide) £56.00 £28.00
Long Pair of Curtains (up to 2.50 meter high and 4.00 meter wide) £70.00 £35.00
Scotchgard Protection Footstool £15.00 £7.50
Scotchgard Protection Armchair £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection Two Seater Sofa £40.00 £20.00
Scotchgard Protection Three Seater Sofa £50.00 £25.00
Scotchgard Protection Four Five Seater Sofa £60.00 £30.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (2 seats) £120.00 £60.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (5 seats) £180.00 £90.00
Car Upholstery Cleaning (7 seats) £240.00 £120.00

*Note: We are currently offering 50% Off for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. * All Cleaning Materials and Equipment are included in the price. Minimum charge of £60 applies for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).
No Hidden Charges.
*Stain removal with professional detergents is included in the price.

No extra charge for postcodes outside of M25.

Upholstery cleaning gallery
cleaned chair
cleaned couch 2
partially cleaned couch 3
couch cleaning 4
couch cleaning 5
cleaned couch 4

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

We don’t stop only with developing the carpet cleaning service. We also provide high-quality upholstery cleaning which is provided as a single service or as part of full cleaning services. There are many benefits coming with applying professional upholstery services. Are you curious to learn about some of them?

  • Deep cleaning with special equipment

Upholstery cleaning solutions include a deep cleaning of the dirt, dust, and stains stuck into the fibers of the upholstery. These methods achieve better results than DIY upholstery cleaning methods.

  • Our experts apply stain removal methods

The professional upholstery cleaning service includes the removal of stubborn stains like those from coffee, wine, and pet stains.

  • Health benefits

Upholstered furniture can be a source of bacteria allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants that can negatively affect indoor air quality. Regular upholstery cleaning decreases the chance of developing allergies among household members.

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More professional cleaning services in Woodford

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are just part of our long portfolio of cleaning services we provide in Woodford. We want to make our clients happy by presenting some of our full cleaning services. They are usually used for specific occasions and include completing many cleaning and household tasks.

A great example of such a service is one-off cleaning. This is an occasional cleaning that could be after-party cleaning, spring cleaning, or after-contraction cleaning. We use special equipment and products in order to provide the best results according to the clients’ needs on these occasions.

Office cleaning is another service that we usually apply regularly. The service includes dusting, vacuum cleaning, moping the floor, and any other task that should be completed in the name of the cleanliness of the workspace.

In our portfolio, there are also end-of-tenancy cleaning and regular domestic cleaning service. If you need more information contact us via email or phone number.

The carpet cleaning service we provide is affordable and high-quality service. Pricing of carpet cleaning depends on many factors and for your convenience we create a list of some of them with their price. Please keep in mind that the cost of the service can vary depending on the size and the type of carpet, the degree of pollution, the cleaning method, and the cleaning products.

There are also different levels of cleaning that can influence the cost of the service. For more accurate information we advise you to get a free quote.

Cleaning windows is a household task many people find difficult to apply. This is because they can’t find the right cleaning products or can’t reach some areas of the window. However, as a company that offers professional cleaning services, we will share some windows cleaning practices.

There are many commercial cleaning solutions available on the market. Some of them offer very good results. Another cleaning window idea is mixing water and vinegar and spraying the liquid on the window and wiping the area with a microfiber cloth. If you want to save some time, we suggest you book window cleaning by


I had 3 bedrooms and stairs that needed the carpets to be cleaned. Plus 2 armchairs that had marks on them I wanted to get out. Their local carpet technicians were very polite and managed to remove nearly all stains. Very pleased with their work and results.

Sarah Doocey

Thank you for the good job. My carpets look amazing. Smells like Heaven at home. Had some spots for so long and the carpet cleaner explained he cannot guarantee to take them out and I was fine as previous services never manage to do so anyway. However he made them look almost invisible. Thank you.

Steve Lally

Just came back home to see my house after the carpet cleaning service. Fantastic job. It looks like I have brand new carpets. Thought if I am not home to witness job performance it will not be done nicely- what a huge mistake! I will highly recommend you!

Peter Grey
special offer discount 10%
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Easy Cleaning London will add a new meaning to the word "clean". We are going to deliver you more than just a service, but also peace, order and harmony. We cover all East and North London areas.

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