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Driveway Patio Cleaning

City smog, dirty air, Saharan windstorms and overall grime build-up can heavily affect the condition of your driveway and patio. provides a quick and easy solution to the most severe of grime and dirt build-up in the entire London area.

Get your driveway and patio area into spick and span shape for the summer holidays and enjoy long lasting results with our specialized patio cleaning services.

Benefits of Our Driveway and Patio Cleaning

Patio and driveway cleaning is an essential service which provides quick results and is generally done within a couple of hours. It primarily uses 100% clean water or distilled water for very heavily affected areas.

  • Fully removes built-up grime using only water;
  • Highly safe and effective cleaning method;
  • Done within hours;
  • Preserves asphalt and decking;
  • Great for deep sanitation of outdoor areas;
  • Safe for exotic paving materials.

When treating limestone, sandstone or granite, our experts use acid-free chemical base cleaning solutions. Some natural solutions like lemon juice, which is a base and not an acid, may also be applied successfully, however, results may vary depending on equipment and time of year.

This is why we rely on professional bio-degradable cleaning solutions, which are formulated for a specific purpose - that’s how we can provide consistent results despite any conditions.

Unlike cleaning a patio without a pressure washer, using a high-powered machine allows for the removal of deeply recessed mould colonies or grime. This service relies on patio cleaning machines and a series of professional patio cleaning chemicals.

What is so Specific About Patio & Driveway Cleaning

While to the layperson, cleaning a patio or a driveway with a pressure washer or jet washer, may seem like an easy operation, the truth is that professional experience can help quite a lot.

One of the first things that you learn about this industry is that stone and brick do erode over time. Their proper treatment not only slows this process but also provides an extended protection from bacterial and weather erosion.

Specifics of Patio Cleaning

One very specific patio cleaning problem that we deal with constantly is the discoloration of stone and wood from algae and mildew growth. While wooden patios are sealed, overtime the bacterial colonies that reside on the wood will eat away at the sealer, causing the wood to discolor.

In cases like these we can use patio steam cleaning and high-powered jet washing which only penetrates the sealer, rather than the wood.

When cleaning patio slabs from stone we use similar methods, however, we also rely on bio-degradable patio cleaning solution such as MS32/4, which is a mould and mildew stopper and deterrent.

This increases the protection of any patio, natural or synthetic, allowing for the full and prolonged sealing of the great, natural colors of the material.

Patio areas with high foot traffic often suffer from imbedded dirt and grime especially around garden areas. The best cleaning solutions in cases like these are cleaning patio slabs with washing powder and job specific patio cleaning tools.

What’s so Odd About Driveway Cleaning

The peculiar nature of the pavement of a driveway is that it’s meant to withstand the weight of any average vehicle, meaning at least 1,2 tones. This makes it an extremely hard surface which most often is asphalt or some sort of compressed material.

Concrete driveways are also quite common, especially in residential areas. Both asphalt and concrete are quite porous which makes them a challenge to clean with a jet washer or a jet washing brush.

The most odd and challenging things about driveway cleaning are:

  • Tire marks;
  • Gas and engine oil stains;
  • Deeply imbedded dirt and grime;
  • Compressed organic matter.

One upside of concrete and asphalt driveways is that when they are used regularly, so they will not grow moss or mould.

To deal with common and uncommon driveway grime, we use a series of detergents and degreasers like KK05 (for deeply recessed grime) and KK55 (use for more crude grime), with old gas or oil stains we use the heavy duty KR32/4 which is fully bio-degradable.

At the end of the cleaning process, we not only reveal the long-forgotten look of your driveway, but we also preserve this condition for a longer period of time.

Quick Clean for Great and Long-lasting Results – How it’s Done

The process of patio and driveway cleaning can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the area. When providing a quote for the time of task completion and end price, we take into account:

  • Size of the area;
  • Condition of the area;
  • Type of grime and dirt;
  • Access to water and electricity;
  • Type of pavement.

After we’ve done an inspection of the area and provided the client with the final quote, upon client compliance, we offload our equipment. In cases where cleaning brick patio is not required, we provide shielding for the walls of the house as to prevent grime and dirt kick-up.

There is a myth surrounding cleaning patio slabs with pink stuff and its effectiveness. The team does use it but in limited cases because it often carries heavier chemicals which are not great around plants.

The process of cleaning is quite simple when using the right equipment. To make it even easier, we have a high-speed rotation brush which deals with the deeply ingrained dirt – it’s water-fed through a residential water tap.

If you’d like to learn more about our cleaning methods, the detergents we use or the end price, give us a call or leave us an email through the contact sheet.

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