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Jet Washing London

Jet washing is a specialised cleaning service intended for removing heavily built-up grime from smog, dirt, wind debris, algae and moss among other things.

It is meant for the maintenance of outdoor areas like patios, driveways, balconies (where drainage is available) and building façades. The main method of cleaning is mechanical pressure derived from high-speed water.

Depending on the severity of the mess, distilled water may be used due to its higher capacity to carry away grime and dirt. The service is carried out all throughout the year and is available during weekends and at odd hours so we do not disturb your normal activities while we clean.

All cleaned areas are swept prior to the cleaning and are presented in a pristine fashion. Any furniture, planting boxes, vases and any other gardening items may be removed and placed back after the job is done.

What Kind of Jet Washing Services Do We Provide

Our jet wash cleaning services are meant to restore any disheveled looking pavement, building façade or patio back to their brand-new look. This is a solely outdoor patio cleaning service, for interior domestic and industrial cleaning, see our other services.

Our work takes us many places and we realise that our customers have differing needs. This is why we provide a general service which takes care of any outdoor area you need cleaned, which includes:

  • Driveway jet washing;
  • Jet washing roof tiles;
  • Pavement pressure cleaning;
  • Building façade pressure cleaning;
  • Patio and balcony pressure washing;
  • Jet washing for decking and stairs;
  • Jet washing block paving.

Thanks to our equipment and the experience of our team, we are able to safely clean large areas in a short amount of time, using bio-degradable chemicals and detergents.

The products we use have been approved by the UK government as being safe to use around plant life and in residential areas.

Different problems have different solutions. Taking moss and smog build-up into account, they have different chemical profiles which are treated with specific solutions. We use:

  • Concrete and driveway cleaners (DG01/4);
  • Fence and Deck cleaners (contain Sporex);
  • Mould and mildew stain remover and blocker (MS32/4);
  • Graffiti removers (MSDS);
  • General purpose jet washer cleaners for siding;
  • Metal safe detergents.

How Jet Wash Cleaning is Performed for Domestic Customers

We use what is referred to in the industry as “cold washing” which uses non-treated, cold tap water done by either a petrol operated pump or an electrical jet washing machine. For domestic clients we tend to use a more silent method since 99% of domestic projects take place in a suburban area.

All water used during the cleaning process is take from an outside source from the client. Where garden taps are not available, we provide hose extensions for supplying water from an indoor source.

After we’ve established the precise size of the work-sight, we confirm the quote and upon customer compliance we unload our equipment. After that the process looks something like this:

  • We sweep the area when applicable;
  • We remove furniture and client personal possessions;
  • For façade cleaning we tape up the windows to keep them clean;
  • Appropriate cleaning solution is place into the water tank and cleaning begins;
  • Process starts from top to bottom using the vibration mode and a brush;
  • For cobble areas and natural stone, we use acid-free detergents;
  • All excess water is swept away into drains;
  • After cleaning we place all removed items back into their place.

Our policy is to start work in residential areas no later than 8am, weekends we start at 9am. Working hours may vary depending on the season.

Pressure Jet Washing for Commercial Customers

Commercial projects are larger in scale and require more operational prowess and generally larger teams of cleaners.

As a seasoned jet washing company in London, we have the knowledge and capacity to work on large scale operations like malls, convenience stores, industrial installations, manufacturing plants and depots.

Depending on the type of business we are tasked to assist, we use both bio-degradable and non-biodegradable chemicals. Industrial grime is more resilient to bio-degradable detergents, which is why we rely on more precise cleaning methods.

Our commercial operation uses gasoline and diesel operated engines for their higher capacity for grime removal.

We work with different businesses around London, including but not limited to:

  • Sports arenas and tennis courts;
  • Retails parks;
  • Car parks;
  • Swimming pools and spa centers;
  • Hotel and restaurants;
  • Public building and metro stations.

In the interest of public health and safety, we have the capacity and flexibility to work irregular hours as to avoid impeding on normal working hours or regular foot traffic.

What to Expect From the Service

You can expect complete and full professionalism from both our field associates and operations teams. We provide accurate quotes and keep our previously provided deadlines, but most of all – we take care of your property.

You can receive a quote over the phone or email or you can request a free visit from our field teams for the most accurate price estimations.

Our work is safe, both for your property and yourself, as made sure by our experts and the regulations that we keep while performing our duty. We are amongst the most highly rated jet washing companies and we provide some of the most competitive jet washing prices.

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Pressure Cleaning Prices

Driveway based on 30-35m2 area average driveway.

Jet Washing London - Prices

Service Price
Driveway clean from £120.00
Driveway clean and resand £195.00
Driveway clean, resand and seal £285.00
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