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One Off Cleaning London

One off cleaning

With the service One Off Cleaning, gives you the opportunity to put every space in London in perfect condition for a very short time. The cleaning is done by our professionals using the best materials and taking the dirt off every corner in the room.

One Off Cleaning London - Prices

Service Old price New Price
Including our Cleaning Materials (per hour) £23.00 £21.00
Cleaning Materials / Equipment Provided by the Customer (per hour) £21.00 £19.00
Minimum requirement of 4 hours per session for One Off Cleaning.

Deep One Off Cleaning Service

Sometimes there are moments when you just urgently need one time cleaning in your office. For example – day before new tenants to arrive, or in the morning, after unexpected party, you could need urgent cleaning. There are many causes for a single cleaning, but what to do in this case is pretty clear – just call your company – Easy Cleaning London and order One Off Cleaning for offices and houses!

Before an important event in London or the surrounding areas, such as a wedding or birthday, your house will possibly meet huge amount of guests and then you need to prepare it properly. Everything should be clean. And most of the times, with everything else on your head, you will not have the time to do it yourself. Precisely in such cases One Off Cleaning is your best option. Even if you don’t have enough time to clean the kitchen or the bathroom, call our team and after few hours your place will look just like new!

What includes one-off cleaning

This is generally considered to be a service which encompasses all other services and is used as a result of extra ordinary circumstances. One such occasion may be after builders cleaning which is quite necessary considering all of the dust, muck and grime which gets accumulated.

Even if your builders paid attention to reducing the amount of dust during the job, there are still quite a lot of particulates which settle down, on top of cabinets, behind fridges and on windows sills.

While this can seem like an insignificant amount of grime to deal with, that’s the last thing you want to deal with after a renovation, so calling professionals to aid you in cleaning is a must for most people.

In the service we include carpet cleaning, curtain and upholstery cleaning, which means that the operation might take more than one day. Depending on the condition of the property, our team will be able to accomplish the job within 1-3 days after the initial arrival of the technicians.

What exactly is one-off cleaning

One-off cleaning refers the one-time cleaning of a certain part, or an entire property. It can encompass not only the cleaning of a carpet, but also the cleaning of every aspect of the property.

It’s common for companies and businesses to book our one-off service as an end of tenancy cleaning solution since they are concerned for their deposit. Other circumstances also include:

  • After renovation;
  • After parties;
  • Prior and after events;
  • Before and after moving;
  • Overall domestic and office maintenance.

The end price of the service will depend on the time of year as well as the scale of the job, the requirements, whether the windows have bars on them or if the curtains are from a sensitive material. We also provide bathroom fantastic cleaning services as well as grout and tile cleaning, with included vanity cleaning from limestone.

All of the surface will be cleaned with bio-degradable products which have a rejuvenating effect on any surface, while also keeping you and your surroundings healthy. The bio-degradable nature of the solvents and cleaning solutions we use, does not have a negative effect on the environment.

Our primary priorities are to provide a good service, at a good rate, within your timeframe, and do it safely both for you and our professionals. It’s also quite common to have this service booked for domestic purposes.

One off cleaning is a cleaning service which is done only once and deals with the overall cleaning of a domestic or office environment. This service is generally used to deal with areas after or prior to moving. It includes the cleaning of every surface in the property and is thus based on a per hour charge basis. There is a possibility for the client to choose what gets cleaned is open, however, it’s recommended that the service is carried out in its entirety to absolutely guarantee the spotlessness of the property.

Deep cleaning is a specialized part of our one off cleaning service and it deals with the deep cleaning of carpets, tile grout, walls and any other grimy area of the property. This service uses safe methods of cleaning which most often include steam and hot water extraction, however, for certain areas and surfaces, we use dry cleaning methods as well. This gives us the chance to fully clean any property regardless of what types of furniture, flooring or tiling it has. This service also deals with full kitchen cleaning including oven and stove cleaning.

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