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We at are always ready to answer your request about the price of any cleaning service in London from our catalogue. That is why we have made it easier for you to get a quote by providing a direct contact form.

Booking a service online gives you one awesome advantage – you get 10% off of the total price.

The direct form requires you to provide your name and contact information so that we are able to answer your question quickly. After that, you can ask us any questions related to price formation, as well as provide details about the service you need and the conditions in the area that you need us to take care of.

That will allow us to correctly estimate the total cost of the service and return a quick answer. Our team works 24/7 in order to be able to answer your inquiries quick off the mark. The quote you received is a no-obligation service.

Before requesting a quote you can also check the tables with our general price rates, in order to know what price range to expect for your particular requirements.

What Information We Need to Give you a Quote

In order to be able to accurately estimate the cost, our team will need you to name the type of service you are looking for and then provide information about the conditions in your place. We will need some details about the extent of pollution, the size of the area that needs to be cleaned, and whether or not you have any additional requirements.

In case you are not sure what type of service is best for you, feel free to ask us questions, and we will do our best to offer you a customized project that completely responds to your personal needs.

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Easy Cleaning London will add a new meaning to the word "clean". We are going to deliver you more than just a service, but also peace, order and harmony. We cover all East and North London areas.

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