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Upholstery Cleaning London

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstered furniture is the second frequently used thing in your home or office after the carpet. So it quickly gathers dust, dirt, hair, all kinds of stains and many others unpleasant things. Long time no clean upholstery could easily remind to your guests about their allergies or to bring them brand new ones. Easy Cleaning London offers the best possible sofa cleaning for all homes and offices in London. We guarantee the use of the most modern technology for quite affordable prices.

Why Regular Sofa Cleaning Is Important?

Even when the stains on your furniture are not that visible – there are still bacteria you have to handle or they can handle your health. These bacteria can cause lots of troubles, so the earlier you take care of cleaning the furniture – the better for your well-being.

The upholstery cleaning service improves the air quality in your home and office. Mold, dust and other allergens could be really tough to deal with and stay in your furnishings like forever. That’s why the regular professional cleaning is the best option for you to prevent the spread of contamination and maintain your health and the health of all people around you.

Deep Steam Cleaning allows the steam to penetrate really deep within the upholstery and to extract the water with all the dirt, grime and soil.

Upholstery Cleaning at Home

Your home is your solitude from all the troubles in the world. So you deserve to enjoy the time spent in cozy, comfortable, spotless home. Our effective cleaning process starts with a dusting all the surface through the use of Easy Cleaning London specialized equipment, then comes the professional cleaning of your furniture with special agents with neutral PH (allowing to be used by children, elderly and animals) that helps to regain its original appearance. All this leads to really great results for your interior – you will see you home in his best light and completely spotless.

Sofa Cleaning In the Office

The office could easily be called your second home where you spend most of your day. Also you are working with and meeting other people there. The computer equipment creates a field that attracts and spreads huge amount dust, so the soft furniture in the office in a very short time becomes active dust container. Our professional service for your office will help you not only to save the health of your colleagues and employees, but also will bring back it original respectful appearance.

How to clean upholstery

One of the ways in which you can help make the cleaning process easier, is if you act quickly when the staining occurs. In circumstances where a beverage has been spilled, it’s crucial for you to act quickly and try and soak up as much as possible.

By drawing out the moisture, you are removing a lot of the pigments and discoloring chemicals which would otherwise adversely affect the fabric of the sofa. You can use a paper towel, a microfiber towel or any other cotton fabric, as long as it’s not satin – it’s has the worst moisture attraction properties of all cotton fabrics.

In the case of dry stains, like chocolate or grease stains from food leftovers, it’s vital to deal with the grease. Grime binds extremely easily to grease, so removing it with a neutralizing agent is vital – use salt – it will dry out the stain and remove most of the grease.

The efficiency of this will depend on the type of fabric, suede, for example, will be a lot easier to clean than natural leather sofas, since leather is badly affected by base chemicals like salt. A decrease in pH will remove the natural oils which leather depends on not to crack.

Upholstery Cleaning London - Prices

Service Old price New Price
Footstool £30.00 £15.00
Armchair £40.00 £20.00
Two Seater Sofa £70.00 £35.00
Three Seater Sofa £96.00 £48.00
Four Five Seater Sofa £130.00 £65.00
Mattress Single £36.00 £18.00
Mattress Double £64.00 £32.00
Mattress King Size £84.00 £42.00
Office Chair £12.00 £6.00
Dining Chair Seat £8.00 £4.00
Dining Chair Seat & Back £15.00 £7.50
Short Pair of Curtains (up to 1.50 meters high and 4.00 wide) £40.00 £20.00
Long Pair of Curtains (up to 2.50 meter high and 4.00 meter wide) £60.00 £30.00
Scotchgard Protection Footstool £15.00 £7.50
Scotchgard Protection Armchair £20.00 £10.00
Scotchgard Protection Two Seater Sofa £40.00 £20.00
Scotchgard Protection Three Seater Sofa £50.00 £25.00
Scotchgard Protection Four Five Seater Sofa £60.00 £30.00
*Note: We are currently offering 50% off. Parking fee and congestion charge may apply. The minimum charge for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning per visit is £50.00. No Hidden Charges.
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