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Upholstery Cleaning Velvet Sofa

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Velvet fabrics used for upholsteries are super soft and luxurious. Velvet looks royal and is gaining popularity very quickly due to their feel and colours. Some people still  think though that the fabric   is not practical as it looks delicate and difficult to maintain.

Velvet fabrics could be silk, cotton or synthetics and the cleaning of them should be done differently. Bear in mind that the silk ones could be stained quite easily and removing the stains could be really tricky if not impossible. Synthetics on other hand are easily to be cleaned and maintained at home.

Velvet fabrics are highly durable and the good think about it is that pet hair slips of it easily. The colour of those type upholsteries doesn’t become dull and the surface of the fabric stays raised.

It is very important velvet sofas to be cleaned once a week. Perhaps even using the upholstery attachment of your hoover will be the best way to do that.

If you want to add some sheen to the fabric you can use a steamer.

Be aware that velvet is a thin material and any spillages can stain the fabric very easily. Even water can leave a mark. If you spill something you should act quickly and block the stain first with dry cloth.
If you want to treat the stains, we do not recommend  using anything else apart from baking soda and washing liquid as majority of the detergents used on the market have bleaching agents.

Velvet fabrics should not be exposed to sunlight as this will weaken the fabric so better don’t put it near a window.

Velvet has a higher pile and if fabric is compressed under long period of time that could  flatten it. Deep Steam cleaning of the sofa is a great way to avoid velvet compression.

The best thing that you can do to maintain the velvet upholstery is to use a professional company. With their knowledge and experience the outcome will be clean sofa and refreshed colours.

Due to the nature of the fabric when we steam clean it the technician will move his jet device in various directions in order to clean it. That will leave noticeable lines on the upholstery that will create the illusions of 2 colours. That is because the fibres will be moved in different directions. That is completely normal and within short period of time , when you are using the sofa they will be gone. You can try to even the the fibres in one way by using a damp cloth.

Velvet upholsteries are an asset, regal feel, luxurious look. It is resistant to chemicals, mild and alkalis.
It looks delicate but it can last for decades if properly cared for.

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