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Greatest Spider Repellent Solutions

Most people view the Web as something you access through the Internet, but spiders would debate on that, especially during summer. They thrive in the delicate lace they produce, and you’d be just fine with it if it didn’t pop out in every corner of your home as soon as you blink.

The constant cleaning of newly appearing webs is not the only damage spiders can cause. Some of their bites could cause irritation or infection of the skin, allergic reactions and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Moreover…spiders are just spooky. You just want to relax in your home and not be jump scared every two seconds.

This is actually quite achievable with some simple but effective home methods for creating a natural spider repellent. Relax and read along to learn what method flawlessly repels spiders and keeps them away from your home.

Introducing the Greatest Spider Repellent Solutions for Indoor Use

Ironically, the best weapons against these creatures are somethings you can probably find readily in your home, plus they are not as nearly unpleasant for you as they would be for them. Actually, you probably enjoy consuming some of these ingredients.

The following list is not a summer recipe, but a set of methods to make your own effective spider repellent. All of them are completely natural and green and a lot safer for your health and the environment than any spider deterrent you can buy from the shop.

Citrus cocktail

That sounds like an improbable answer to the question of what repels spiders - after all the smell of citruses is so fresh and pleasant. However, the acidity of citruses is something that really puts spiders off.

There is a myriad of ways to use citruses to repel spiders, including making a spray by squeezing lemon in water and spraying it around the house. Try to reach any difficult spot, crack and hidden place that spiders would love to crawl in.

Another effective recipe for a homemade spider repellent is for a powder made of sun-dried citrus peels like potpourri. Just sprinkle your home, enjoy the smell and lack of annoying creatures.  

Herbs and Spices

Another healthy and aromatic advice on how to repel spiders includes herbs and spices that you probably have in your home. Any herb with a strong smell can work effectively as a spider repellent.

Feel free to sprinkle aromatic herbs, salt and baking soda around the corners of your house. The smell will “tell” them to keep out and leave you alone.

The smell of peppermint is especially disliked by most spider species, so you can put pots of planted peppermint around the house. This method has benefits for you too, as it has a relaxing aroma and is a delicate accent to your interior.

Essential Oils and Their Effectiveness

A lot can be said about the question of what smell do spiders hate. So far it sounds like they hate most smells that are pleasant for us, and that might as well be true.

Essential oils have widespread uses and numerous positive health effects for people, especially if used in aromatherapy. Furthermore, this is also one of the best ways to keep spiders and all sorts of insects away from your home.

The smell of essential oils is highly concentrated and repels most insects. You can use essential oils for cleaning purposes for optimal results in keeping your home bug-free.

You can also dilute essential oils in water and spray them around the house, or put drops of concentrated essential oils if you are not too sensitive to the smell.

Answering “Does Vinegar Kill Spiders”

If you are wondering what kills spiders and keeps them away, here lies the answer. The acetic acid in vinegar actually does kill spiders and makes for a great spider spray indoor as when diluted in water, it becomes odorless and harmless for you.

You need to mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and add a drop of essential oil or some orange peels if you are still irritated by the smell.

You can spray it around the house, especially at the corners, or use it directly on spiders when you see them.

Rolling Tobacco and Cigarette Smells

Spiders are definitely non-smokers – they are highly repelled by the smell of strong rolling tobacco. You can use it to make a powerful spray for spiders by creating an infusion.

Drop a few inches of tobacco in hot water and wait for a few minutes, then pour only the liquid into a spray bottle. Have in mind that the ingredients of the tobacco can colour the surfaces in your home.

A safer for your interior way to use tobacco is to mix it with dough and some water and put little balls of it in the corners of your house, to remind spiders to keep out.

Garlic with High Amounts of Allicin

This method might sound not only like great advice on how to keep spiders out of your room, but probably how to keep any being out of your room too. However, if you use it in the corners of your whole house, the smell won’t be a problem at all.

You can turn it into a highly effective spray to repel spiders by crushing some garlic cloves in a spray bottle, let them soak for one night and then spray along corners.

These methods will protect your house from unwanted spider invasions, but it is necessary to apply them regularly.

Moreover, a thorough cleaning of your house is a must if you want to prevent the bugs from hiding in unforeseen places – you can get your house curtains and carpets cleaned professionally today – just give a call.

Follow our blog for more effective advice and for professional help with any stubborn staining and odours.

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