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How to Safely Clean a Suede Sofa

At some point everybody makes decisions with unexpected consequences that are difficult to bare, and that includes making purchases that would require thorough care. Making the decision is as easy as a snap of a finger, but maintaining your purchased item sometimes make you regret your actions.

Some luxurious furniture or interior items fall into that category, and with suede sofas and couches this might seem the case in the beginning. Furniture with suede upholstery creates an exclusive sense of luxury in your interior, which has its price when it comes to cleaning.

What if you learned, however, that cleaning a suede sofa does not require as much effort as you thought?

Read along for advice on how to clean a suede couch with minimal effort and investment.

How To Safely Clean a Suede Sofa with Home Methods

Suede is truly a delicate material that requires precision in its maintenance. It requires to be tended to regularly as it easily collects dirt that can make it lose its attractiveness significantly.

With these simple methods, however, you will see that buying a suede sofa has been definitely worth it.

How to Combat Wet Stains on a Suede Sofa

Wetness and moisture are a serious enemy for the look of your suede sofa, as the natural suede is really sensitive to liquids. However, if you catch the stain soon after it’s occurred, you have a chance of effectively cleaning it without the need of buying a special suede couch sofa cleaner.

Act as soon as possible and gently absorb the liquid with a dry cloth. If it has begun to dry and leave a stain, treat the spot with a slightly damp cloth and blow dry the area after.

In some cases, you might need quick advice on how to get wine out of couch. It is possible to get even stubborn red wine stains with a damp cloth with a few drops of mild soap – DO NOT SCRUB!

You should act quickly and carefully, but the key element is not to panic. If you act on time, you won’t have a reason to worry, and you can always take further action if there is any damage.

Removing Old Stains from a Suede Sofa

Since suede is sensitive to liquids, there are other ways that effectively can get rid of old stains on your couch. Using a pencil eraser is an adequate method if you use it to gently rub the stain off.

There are erasers made specifically for suede, which you can purchase in case the pencil eraser cannot deal with the stain efficiently.

After the rubber you can use a gentle brush to remove the remaining dirt and smooth the fibers again, restoring your luxurious piece of furniture back to its former glory.

How to Safely Brush a Suede Sofa

Brushing your suede sofa will not harm the material if you do it with the needed precision and delicacy. Moreover, it will maintain its luxurious and cosy look.

The fibers of the natural suede are really tight and fit neatly together, this allows for something as simple as regular gentle brushing to be used to remove dirt and keep your suede leather couch gleam like brand new.

For the best results use a soft suede brush and work in gentle circular motions to preserve the tender material.

In the areas from which you have removed stains apply a bit more pressure when brushing, in order to take off any excess material. After that smooth the fibers again with gentle movements.

Knowing how to clean suede couch properly might take a bit more effort than it does for the more ordinary upholstery. However, the unique look and comfort of the well-maintained suede is completely worth it.

How to Clean the Upholstery of Your Suede Couch

At some point the upholstery of your suede couch might start looking a little bit shabby with time, which is completely normal and in no way does it mean you need to chance it.

There is a straightforward and uncomplicated way to restore its luxurious look – the people who know how to wash suede would agree.

Simply take a dry cloth and slightly damp it with water. Gently wipe the surface of the sofa of any dirt without getting it wet.

Doing this routine regularly will help keep your sofa looking as if brand new.

Cleaning Products for Suede Sofa

So far, the maintenance of a suede sofa seems easy and almost effortless. However, at a certain point there might arrive the need to apply special cleaning products for suede.

If there are stubborn stains that won’t come out with the easy method, or there is some damage or discoloration on your suede upholstery, look for the right cleaning product. Fortunately, there are a lot of professional products that will produce great results and quickly solve your problem.

In order to not cause further damage, begin with applying a small amount of the product on a test spot to check if it won’t injure the upholstery. After that follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.

If everything has been done correctly, every stain should have disappeared and you are ready to clean the remaining cleaner with a damp cloth and enjoy your neat suede sofa.

Tending for suede leather couches turns out not to be that hard at all and even may become a pleasant experience if you do it with care. If you’d like to know how to clean faux suede – it’s pretty much the same way as natural suede.

In case you don’t want to deal with it and want a sure solution, you can rely on the experience that we at the cleaning company in London can provide. For a thorough maintenance and upholstery cleaning of your furniture – get a precise quote today and enjoy the results.

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