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How To Clean White Trainers

Who doesn’t love to wear bright white trainers? These are the shoes that easily match any outfit, no matter what colour is. But any person that has white trainers knows how hard is to keep the clean.

The white trainers get dirty faster than any other colour trainers. They collect as much dust as any other shoes, but the thing is the dirt is more visible on white shoes. You can’t save your favourite white trainers to get dirty. Especially if your life is under the British sky, which is not very pleasant regarding to the weather.

What we’ve mentioned until now doesn’t have to make you avoid wearing white trainers. There are some mind-altering hacks on how to clean white trainers. Turn off any distractions and get focused because you will find great solutions to bring your white shoes back on track.

What do you need to clean your white trainers

The first thing to consider before you start cleaning your white trainers is what supplies you need. Actually, you don’t need to buy any fancy equipment or products. You can find all you need in your household. If you keep an old toothbrush just in case now it’s the perfect time to use it. Other things are microfiber cloth and washing up liquid. For more comfort, you can use a water basin instead of your sink.

Some people prefer to put the white trainers in the laundry instead of cleaning them on their own. This can damage the shoes, so better not to take the risk.

Getting to the point – how to clean white trainers

There is two important steps to make before starting the cleaning. One is to get rid of any clumps of mud. Use a stiff dry brush to scrape as much mud as it’s possible. The second one is to soak the laces. Put them in the laundry, because this is the easiest way to wash them. After you are done you can start with the cleaning trainers’ process.

Add a good amount of washing dishes soap and warm water into a water basin. Put your trainers there and leave them for a few minutes in the water. Take the toothbrush and start gently scrubbing the stains. Be careful, because of you rub as crazy it’s possible to damage the shoes. If there are deeper marks clean them with more effort. Usually, these places keep dust and dirt.

After you finish you should let them dry naturally. Put them in a room where air can enter. It’s not recommended to use hairdryers or other heating sources.

This is the simplest way to clean white trainers. There are some specific cleaning processes that depend on the material of the trainers. Let’s have a look at how to clean different types of white trainers.

How to clean white leather trainers

As you know leather needs special care. Leather white trainers are usually more expensive so if you want to save money better to follow our recommendations.

First and most important, never wash-leather white trainers in the washing machine. If you do so, the damage is guaranteed. The best way to clean white trainers is to use special liquids or sprays that won’t cause harm to them. When you use any product for cleaning leather shoes always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you take care of your leather white trainers, they will remain clean and strong for longer.

How to clean white canvas trainers

There is not much difference in treating canvas and fabric trainers. You can apply the same steps that we point on the third paragraph. Use again your favourite liquid soap and toothbrush to rub the stains.

Some people decide to save time and put canvas trainers in the washing machine. There is less possibility that canvas trainers to be damaged than fabric trainers. If you have free time, it’s always better to wash your canvas trainers on your own. Keep in mind, that canvas trainers dry slowly and it might take a few days.

How to clean white mesh trainers

The white mesh trainers are the easiest shoe to clean from this list. They are preferable shoes for the hot summer days when there is no mud outside. That’s why the mesh shoes remain clean for a longer time after washing. They also dry faster than any other shoes.

You can apply the same technique for white trainers that you already know. There is one small trick that we want to give you. Take a wet toothbrush and rub the mesh trainers every day. This is an easy way to clean them and spend less time taking care of them in general.

As you can see cleaning white trainers is possible. This is great news because you don’t have to give up your favourite trainers, even though they are white.

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