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How To Clean TV Screen

Usually, you don’t put much time and effort into TV screen cleaning. Whether you don't know how to do it or you don’t have time – your TV screen always looks dirty. The TV screen collects dust and dirt as much as other surfaces that’s why it also needs cleaning. The thing is that many people don’t know how to do it properly.

The TV cleaning recommendations that we have collected from cleaning pros could be applied to any TV screen no matter the brand or the size. In this article, you are going to find useful hacks on how to clean tv screens without streaks and which is the best way to clean led TV screens. The best thing is that the following hacks are super easy and quick to do.

How to clean tv screens without streaks: 5 steps guide

It’s so annoying when you put time and effort to clean your TV screen and, in the end, you’re not satisfied with the result because of the streaks that are left. Fortunately, there is an easy-breezy 5 steps guide that shows how to avoid this situation. Don’t forget before you start to turn off the TV.

Here is the guide:

Use a microfiber cloth.

Many people do the mistake to clean the TV screen with a rough cloth or kitchen roll. This is the reason they’re not satisfied with the result after the cleaning. These materials are more likely to leave streaks on the TV screen.

Gently remove the dust.

You have to carefully wipe the dust with a dry microfiber towel. Using too much strength and pressure would leave streaks as well. Be careful with your moves and try to act smoothly. If you need to flip the microfiber towel to the cleaner side.

Use screen-safe cleaner.

After you rub the dust off the TV screen you can put additional care by using a screen-safe cleaner product. Spray a few drops from the product on a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the TV screen. Use back-and-forth movements. For this step is important never to spray directly onto the TV screen and always use a clean microfiber cloth. Some TV screens are dirtier than others, so if there is a need you have to repeat this step a few times.

Get rid of the spots on the screen

It’s very annoying when you watch TV and there is a spot on the screen that gets you out of your skin. There is an easy hack to get rid of these spots. Add a few drops of warm water on the microfiber cloth and without putting pressure rub the spot.

Let it dry before you turn it on

Don’t hurry to turn on the TV screen before it dries. It should take less than 15, but this time depends on the size of the screen.

How to clean led TV screen

Many people ask if there is a difference between cleaning different types of TV screens. The cleaning pros share that there isn’t a specific method to clean led TV screens, flat TV screens, or OLED TV screens. You can apply the techniques and hacks we have presented to you in this article to any screen – TV, laptop, or computer screen.

Love cleaning – other parts of the TV you have to clean

Do you know that TV ports such as HDMI and USB inputs collect dust? When you clean the TV screen is better also to spend some minutes cleaning the ports as well. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe them or a furniture vacuum cleaner on the lowest settings.

You have already started with the cleaning why don’t you take some minutes to clean the remote control? This is one of the things that get dirty very fast. Usually, we touch it with dirty or oily palms. Cleaning the remote control regularly will prevent the spread of germs.

Here is how to do it properly:

  • Use disinfecting wipes;

Before you started taking out the batteries. Button side down the remote control on a table to dislodge any loose crumbs. Only after that, you can start to rub the buttons with disinfecting wipes.

  • After the buttons are clean also the area around them, then flip it and rub the opposite side.
  • Leave it to dry for a few minutes before you put the batteries back.
  • To be sure even the smallest curves will be well-cleaned use toothpicks with the wipe.

How often do you have to clean your TV screen

As you can see, cleaning a TV screen doesn’t take a long time. It’s a quick and easy job, so you don’t have an excuse not to do it. Now, comes the question “How often do I have to clean my TV screen?”. The answer depends on how much dust it collects. Cleaning pros recommend cleaning your TV screen at least once per week.

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