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How to clean a laminate floor without ruing it

Installing a laminate floor is very trendy. Many people prefer this type of floor because it looks stylish and it’s easy to maintain. It’s easy to install laminate floors and you can do it even on your own. But this is just the first step to having a fabulous floor at your house. Then you have to put effort to keep it in a good shape.

Taking care of a clean and shiny laminate floor is not a big deal if you know how to do it. Have you noticed that the floor becomes sticky after mopping it? It’s more likely you are not satisfied with the result if you don’t let it dry well.

Actually, this is not the best way to clean a laminate floor. Have a look at our effective recommendations on how to take proper care of the laminate floor.

Cleaning solutions for laminate floor

There are many cleaners on the market that are supposed to properly clean the laminate material. You are not obligated to use any of them, because we are going to show you how to clean the floor with only household tools.

Get started by gathering all the items you need. Be sure you have everything from this list:

  • Vacuum cleaner (or dust mop);
  • Empty spray bottle;
  • Wet mop;
  • Microfiber mop head (or cleaning cloths);
  • Laminate floor cleaner (It can be replaced with distilled white vinegar or rubbing alcohol).

Sometimes one cleaning solution doesn’t give effect because of the floor specific. The best advice is to follow the cleaning recommendations of the laminate manufacturer. If you have a chance contact them and as if you have to follow particular steps. If you can’t make it apply for one of the methods from this article.

Vacuum clean the floor

Vacuum clean the floor before you start using any liquid. This is the best way to remove dust and bigger objects from the floor. The best vacuum cleaner you can use is the one without rolling brushes. This will increase the possibility to scratch and ruin the floor. Take as much time as you need to vacuum clean around any furniture in the room.

Make the cleaning mixture

If you use laminate floor cleaner you can skip this part. It’s a different case if you have to mix your own cleaning liquid. You can try what would be the effect on your floor of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Usually, both liquids have proven results in cleaning similar surfaces.

To create your perfect laminate cleaner mix water and white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. When proportion we suggest you are 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar mixed in 1-gallon warm water. Depending on the size of the floor you can increase or decrease the proportions.

Never clean the laminate floor with a wet mop

This is something many people either don’t know or know it but don’t follow. When you use a wet mop, the water can’t dry fast and will seep between the laminate boards. Usually, this causes swelling and ultimately damages your floor.

After you dampen the mop into the mixture you will use, sneeze it out or leave it dry for a while. Then you can start moving the mop by using one-way movements. The floor should dry within one to two minutes of mopping.

You can use the spray bottle to treat more stubborn stains on the floor. Fill it up with the same liquid and spray it onto the area that needs more treatment.

  • Bright tip on how to make the floor shine

Use an absorbent cloth to buff the floor until is dry. Another solution is using a dry microfiber head of the mop if you have one. Whatever you decide to use, work with circling movements and gently buff each floor section for a nice shine.

How to keep a laminate floor fabulous for a long time

Installing a laminate floor is a long-time investment, that’s why is important to protect it as much as you can. If you don’t want your laminate floor to get wasted quickly is crucial to maintain it well.

First of all, be aware of the product you use to clean it. Always read the product composition terms of use of the laminate cleaner you are about to use. If you prepare your own liquid, we suggest you try it first on a small area before cleaning the whole floor with it.

Second, you can protect your floor from scratches. To prevent the laminate material from damage, use protective floor pads on the bottom of chairs, couches, and tables.

A few people know that direct sunlight also can damage laminate over time. Put curtains that will save the floor from direct sunlight. You can also rearrange the rug from time to time and hide scratches this way.

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