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How To Clean Charging Port On Iphone

You might never think about how much dirt, lint, grime, and dust can enter in your iPhone ports. We are used to using our phones everywhere, without considering what it might cause to our devices. If you are the kind of person that holds his phone even with dirty hands you should also know how to clean it properly.

Actually, the charging problems are usually a result of bad maintenance of the phone’s cleanness. When it was the last time, you cleaned the charging ports of your phone? This is a very important routine that will increase the life of your device.

We know why you are here. You need to learn how to take care of your iPhone charging port. Follow our simple guide and apply the steps.

1.Find a bright place

If you are about to clean your iPhone charging ports during the day, we suggest you find the bright place you can. If that’s not possible because is already dark outside, you can use a flashlight or bright LED desk lamp. Don’t underestimate this step. You have to be able to clearly see the charging ports to clean them the best way.

2. Prepare the tools you will need

You don’t need any special tools or items to clean the charging ports of your iPhone. You can do it by using household items like toothpicks and cotton. Never use anything harder than wooden material to clean the ports. Metal sticks, for example, can cause damage to your phone.

3.Turn off your iPhone

It’s crucial to turn off your device before you start any cleaning maintenance. Go to settings and shut down your phone. After that remove the iPhone case. This will allow you to have easy access to the ports you are about to clean. Only when you are done with these things you can start inspecting the charging port and see how dirty it is.

4. Use composed air

Cleaning charging ports by using composed air is a well-known successful method. What you need is a can of compressed air. The angle at which you spray is very crucial. Hold the can always in an upright position. Then give the port a few short blasts. This will clear away any immediate dust.

It’s possible the problem with no charging to be solved only by using composed air. Turn on your iPhone and try to charge it. If there is still a problem take the next step.

5. It’s time to bring the toothpicks to the game

As we’ve mentioned, toothpicks are the best household tool that can help you to clean your iPhone charging ports. You can remove any debris by using toothpicks. When you do so, you should be very careful. It’s important to not apply strength or movement cuts. It’s very easy to damage charging ports. That’s why you have to act gently.

Move the tooth stick from side to side to pick up as much dust as it’s possible. Take out the pick from time to time and wipe it with a dry cloth. After you think you did your best in cleaning charging ports with the toothpicks you should turn it on again and try if the phone will start charging.

6. You can apply composed air again

There is probably some dust that is left after the toothpick work. If you want to be sure everything is out and there won’t be any obstacle to charging your phone is a good idea to use composed air again. This is what you can do. Give the port a couple of blasts between or after the toothpick insertions. Repeat this process for as long as the phone starts charging again.

7. Clean the phone and the case

Before you start using your iPhone again, we suggest you put extra minutes to clean the phone itself and the phone case. This will protect the charging ports from entering dust from the phone case. Take a lint-free cloth and before you use it, dampen it with mild soap and water. For better results, you can also use disinfecting wipes.

How to prevent iPhone charging ports from damage

We guess you are curious about how to prevent your iPhone from damage and save money on repairs. It’s very important to take care of your phone and to follow some recommendations like not leaving your device to collect dust.

Make cleaning your phone and the charging ports should become your weekly routine. Something else you can do is buy protection for the charging ports and put it on when you don’t charge your phone. This way you will keep the charging ports protected from entering dust.

You can also be careful when you use your phone. Never touch it with dirty hands or leave it on dust surfaces.

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