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How To Clean A Mattress

Do you know that an average person spends up to a third of his life in bed?  That’s why spending money on a comfortable mattress is a well-return infestation. But this is only the first step to healthy sleep. You have to regularly take care of and clean out mattresses because it contributes to your comfort and health.

How to deep clean a mattress

Your lovely bed is a very important part of getting good rest. On the other hand, an average bed contains 10,000 dust mites which could be the cause of many allergies. Without realizing it every night, you lose dead skin and hair while you sleep. Changing your bed sheets, it’s not enough to keep hygiene in your bedrooms.

Deep cleaning of your mattresses helps keep your bedroom clean and healthy. If you are new on the board of deep cleaning techniques you need to follow our easy-breezy guide on how to clean mattresses.

Step 1: Prepare your equipment before you start

Deep cleaning of your mattresses is a serious task so you will need helpers. Here is a list of the cleaning suppliers and equipment that will help you to clean better and faster:

  • A vacuum (the one with an upholstery attachment is easier to use);
  • Detergent for cleaning or dish soap;
  • Baking soda;
  • Cleaning cloth and towels;
  • Container with cold water;

Step 2: Take off all covers, bed sheets, and pillows and wash them

It’s important to wash the bed sheets with hot water and dry them at high temperatures. By doing so you kill any germs and bacteria that may be on your sheets. It’s important to follow the instructions of the laundry and consider what are the best washing conditions according to the bed sheets’ material.

Many people think this is enough to keep the sleeping environment clean, but this is just the second step of our deep-cleaning mattress guide.

Step 3: Vacuum-clean the mattresses

Use your vacuum cleaner without the upholstery attachment to clean the mattress’s surface and sides. Take time to carefully clean the corners and grooves where more dust collects. You can make vacuum cleaning part of your weekly bedroom cleaning to prevent your family of allergies.

Step 4: Remove stains from the mattress

Even though you don’t eat when you are in bed there could be some stains on the mattress. Most of the time we don’t put enough attention to the stains on our mattresses and after a while, we find them hard to remove.

When it’s time to take care of the stains you should take into account the material of the mattress. For example, memory foam is not supposed to get wet, so you don’t have to use water to clean it. The best you can do is to choose a proper stamp remover according to the stain type and the mattress.

Use a clean cloth to rub the spray on the dirty area. You can treat more stubborn stains with an enzyme-based cleaner or a dish soap.

Step 5: Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda

It might sound a bit wired but this is a great way to refresh your mattress. Baking soda is the perfect “tool” to use if you can put your mattress outside to get some sun and fresh air. Baking soda will absorb any remaining moisture or odor for a short time.

For better results leave the soda on the mattress for a few hours while you do other household tasks. After that use the vacuum cleaner again to remove the soda.

Step 6: Flip the mattress

You’ve probably heard that some people flip their mattresses every 3 months. Actually, this depends on the mattress manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget that when you flip the mattress you should repeat the deep cleaning steps again.

How often do you have to clean the mattress

It’s recommended to clean the mattress at least every 6 months. However, It’s up to you and how much free time you have.

Pro tip: how to clean pee out of a mattress

This question is very common for parents of young kids. They can’t hold their pee while sleeping and wake up with a wet surprise. The fun starts when you are the person to clean after. It’s good to know that there is a trick that will help you in similar situations.

First and most important is to put the bedding into the washing machine. Then gather needed supplies like white vinegar, baking soda, water, a spray bottle, a vacuum, and cleaning towels. With the cleaning, towels soak up as much liquid as you can.

Then add half the water and half distilled vinegar to the spray bottle. After spraying into the area and cover it with a layer of baking soda. Let the soda stay for a few hours and vacuum clean the area. Voila! There is no trace of the stain.

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