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Flat cleaning

Flat Cleaning in LondonIt’s basic human nature for people to look for the best deal – it’s basically conservation of energy - you want to input less and output more. So it’s no surprise that the very first question we get from all clients is the rate for our flat cleaning services in London.

Today we’ll be discussing not only the service itself, but its benefits and several ways in which you can get the best value from your flat cleaning.

What Flat Cleaning is all About

Most people in high density population areas live in flats, it’s a true fact of all major metropolitan areas in the world, not only London.

Apartment buildings are by far the most space efficient living accommodations in the world, so it’s normal that 95% of our customers book either carpet cleaning or outright cleaning for flats.

The main difference between house and cleaning apartment services is the scale – flats are by far smaller in size than a house, which means they are quicker to clean.

Houses take longer, most of the time they have more than one floor, staircases, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, while apartments tend to be more compact.

This is to say that smaller living spaces are quicker and more efficient to clean. However, that is not always the case – especially in family living situations where more than two individuals share the space.

The goal of apartment cleaning services is to deal with all kind of grime, stains and carpet problems in the most efficient way possible. This brings us to the benefits of apartment cleaning services.

The Benefits of Flat Cleaning

One of the greatest benefits of flat cleaning is that it deals with any cleaning issues more globally, meaning that it has singular solutions to most common issues.

While houses have a larger footprint and more floor space, apartments are more compact, smaller and tend to require cleaning more often.

Due to the restricted space dirt and grime don’t have that much space to disperse, so they concentrate on a couple of locations. This makes them more visible which warrants more frequent cleaning.

The benefit of professional cleaning services like is that we take the grime and dust in all of the areas, and reduce them to zero – in one single swoop.

Our clean-as-you-go approach reduces cleaning time, makes the overall experience far less complicated than it needs to be, while also producing the same (if not better) results.

Saving Money on Professional Flat Cleaning

The other huge topic of flat cleaning in London is the cost of the service itself. Since cleaning is required more often in smaller spaces, in order to make it worth it for our customers, we lowered the rates of flat cleaning and made them more affordable for a wider range of customers.

This means that regardless of your income, your needs and the size of your flat, we’ll be able to accommodate your cleaning needs at any point and time of the year.

One way of saving money on flat cleaning is by making it more frequent – this means less time spent cleaning for our cleaners which reduces the cost of the service in the long run.

We hope we’ve managed to provide you with a different perspective. If you have any more questions regarding the topic, please let us know in the comments bellow, or give us a call so we can chat.

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