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Draught Filtration Marks

dirty carpet edges

Filtration marks or Draught marks on carpets.

Filtration marks Draught marks are dark lines that appear under doors, around the skirting boards, at the edges of the room.  You can even see them at the bottom of full length curtains that touch the carpets.

Why do they appear?

The reason is in the air that moves across the surface of the carpet where there is a gap under the skirting board, doors . Small particles of dust work their way through the carpet. That actually proves how much  dust the carpets could accumulate. It acts like a filter trapping anything in the air.

Draught marks are very difficult to be removed and sometimes that is not even possible depending on their state. It could be even harder to remove them from man- made fibres like polyester and polypropylene because they are oily.

You should  also be aware that if the cause for them to appear  is not eliminated they will keep showing again and again.

The major factor for the appearance of filtration marks is the poor fitting of the carpets. The gaps between the skirting boards and the floor have to be sealed properly.

The other common cause for these types of marks is the bad vacuum cleaning technique. The vacuum cleaners that we use cannot reach the edge of the carpet .

There are few things that you can do to postpone the appearance of filtration marks.

1. make sure you open the windows on a daily basis, at least for 10 min every day.
2. Vacuum often and try to use the vacuum accessories to clean the edges of the carpets at least once monthly.
3. Try to reduce the dust in your home by having a professional carpet upholstery cleaning service at least every 6-8 months. Wipe the furniture in your home regularly.
4. Try to leave the doors in the property open as that will help for them not to build up in certain places.

The truth is that nothing will prevent draught marks to appear within a certain period of the time, but with regular cleaning that will be prolonged .

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