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1/ What is the service you provide?

We provide steam cleaning service known also as hot water extraction method. It is the most popular and effective method to clean carpets and upholstery. Explained in few words hot water is mixed with detergents for carpets and upholstery then inserted into the carpets and succed back into a separate tank of the machine. Due to the very strong vacuums of the machine all the grime, dirt and sand is extracted and the carpet is left clean, disinfected and deodorized.

2/ Can all the stains be removed?

Our carpet technicians are experienced, they have knowledge for carpets and fibre and they know what exactly should be done to remove a spot. However if a spot was left for a long period of time it might damage the carpet and it might not be possible to be removed. When this happens we talk about damage on the carpets. In terms of possibilities if a stain is possible to be removed we will definitely do so. We also advice customers if a spillage occur not to treat the stain on their own, but to turn to a professionalist as this might actually do more harm then good. We can clean stains from blood, wine, food, juices, vomit, pet stains, coffee, tea, ink,etc. ,

Yes we do work during the weekends. Price for the service is the same as for the work days. We work on Bank Holidays as well and we do services when emergencies occur.

3/ How long does the service take?

That all depends on the condition of the carpets and the amount of rooms, space. Usually it takes about 1-1,30 hours. However you can always ask while making your booking for the time it is going to take.

4/ Who pays for the parking?

It is responsibility of the customer to ensure and pay for the parking expenses. If you have a driveway that is even better for us, then nothing additional to be paid apart from the carpet/ upholstery cleaning service. If you live in Central London then you have to cover congestion charge expenses as well.

5/ How long it takes for the carpets to be dry?

Machine vacuums are extremely strong and carpets will be left slightly damp after the service. It takes approximately 2,30-3,00 hours for the carpets to be completely dry and up to 5,00 hours for sofas and mattresses.

6/ What are the methods for payment?

You can pay in cash, bank transfer, cheques.

7/ What is the notice period for cancellation?

We do appreciate if you call us 24 hours before the arranged visit.

8/ What is Scotchgard or Stain Protection?

Scotcguard is a special liquid that we will apply to your carpet that will delay penetration and absorption of any liquid into the carpets, sofas, mattresses. That means that fibre of the carpets will be kept from damage next time a spillage occur and it will be much more easier to be removed. It works as an invisible shield and prevents carpets and upholstery from future staining. It is a good investment in prolonging life and the good look of your carpets and furniture.

9/ How often carpets should be professionally cleaned?

That depends on how many people live in the property, if there are children living wih you and of course if you have a pets. We do recommend for people with asthma, allergies or other lungs difficulties to use professional service every 3 months.

10/ Do I have to remove the furniture prior the service?

Please note that we advise you you remove all the stuff from the area that you would like to be done prior the service. The carpet technician can move whatever is possible to be moved and return back while the service take place. . We do not recommend you to return anything back if it is wooden( tables legs, chairs, etc) as it might damage the carpets.

11/ Can we book your services on short notice?

Yes you can. We try to react as soon as possible if there is an emergency matter like incident wine spillage or moving out/ in. We are flexible and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

12/ What hours do we work?

We work everyday from 7.00- 22.00 o’clock. You can call us anytime for free quote or to book a service. We work during the weekends as well.

13/ How the prices are calculated?

Prices are fixed. We give you price per room, per step or square meters. We do not give price based on hour rate.

14/ Are you insured?

Yes we are. We are insured and fully covered.